Who`s behind blaumunk?

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Hello, I am Samantha and live with my two children and my husband in Zurich. 

blaumunk is a heart project of mine, which I realized after a long mature time. The concept is simple, but interesting. A few attributes to blaumunk...

World-famous and lesser known brands for children`s clothes.
Values like sustainability and fair production are important to these brands. 
Fun designs, comfortable materials and long-lasting quality, which is suitable for playgrounds.
The collections are from yesterday, the clothes are of course not.
Maybe you`ll even find a beloved item that`s nowhere to be found.
Many unique pieces.
Also not insignificant: the design. The collections tell stories, are funny, colourful, minimalist, cool, cheeky. Something for everyone.
You get the items for a fair price.

With this online shop I want to reach all those who enjoy beautiful and high-quality children`s items, don`t have enough time or desire for shopping on site and also all those who want to support my project ;-) 

The pieces are carefully selected and not mass-produced. They are Second Season items and are waiting to be worn.